Terry Jefferson

Devout Follower of the Shepherd


Terry’s Stunts

Tower of Faith (Conviction): Pray or call on faith, gain
Armor:1 vs. any social or mental stress in a scene.
Calm Blue Ocean (Discipline):_ +2 to Discipline when
rolling to keep emotions under control.

Terry’s Powers
Guide My Hand [–1]_
By giving yourself over to your faith, you
may sense the purpose the higher powers
have in mind for you, guiding your hands
(and your feet) to take you to where you
are most needed.

  • Faith Manages. Given the time to pray
    for guidance and provided that your
    goals are pure and your actions are
    selfless, you may spend a fate point
    to use your Conviction skill instead
    of any other skill for one roll. This
    effect cannot be used for any attacks
    or maneuvers, but it can be used to
    bypass other kinds of obstacles.
  • Spiritual Guidance. You have a semiconscious
    awareness of where you
    are needed most. Usually, this simply
    means you are guided to the right
    place at the right time. If the GM
    agrees that such a circumstance is in
    effect, you need not spend a fate point
    to stage a fortuitous arrival (page
    YS20). Sometimes this might work
    in reverse, allowing an ally to show up
    where you already are.

Everyone calls his church a “cult,” but what does that really
mean? It’s just a word they throw around. The Shepherd
says it’s just because they don’t understand. And Terry can
believe that. He believes everything the Shepherd says.
And he’s felt the power of the Universe flowing through
his hands. Let them laugh.

Terry Jefferson

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