Mike Ng

Troubled Medium


Mike’s Stunts

Finely Tuned Third Eye (Lore): +2 to Lore; use Lore for
Alertness to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.

Infuriate (Intimidate): +2 to any roll to get someone deliberately
angry with you; any consequences or temporary
aspects must name you as source and target of anger.

Paranoid? Probably. (Alertness): +2 to Alertness vs.

Mike’s Powers

Ghost Speaker [–1]
Description: You see dead people. All the time. Some
people mistakenly refer to you as an ectomancer, but
your ability is more instinctual and you are not
technically a spellcaster (although this ability can
be added on top of an existing spellcaster if the
character template allows for it).
Skills Affected: Social and perception skills.

  • See the Dead. You have no problems perceiving
    the presence of spirits and ghosts, unless they
    are deliberately trying to conceal themselves—
    in which case it’s Investigation (or Alertness)
    vs. Stealth.
  • Seen by the Dead. Spirits and ghosts have no
    problem perceiving you as well, regardless
    of how tenuous their manifestation is—they
    recognize you as a conduit to the mortal world
    and will readily come forward to contact you.
    This means such creatures will see and find
    you more easily than other people, when all
    other factors are equal. Spirits get a +2 when
    trying to perceive or locate you.
  • Speak to the Dead. You can speak and otherwise
    communicate directly with ghosts and other
    invisible or incorporeal spirits, without any
    need to perform thaumaturgy.
  • Seek the Dead. The dead seek you out, and it goes
    the other way as well—enough so that you
    may use Contacts to seek out information and
    specific individuals among the dead.

Mike has been seeing ghosts since he was about six. Talking to them has
always been easier than talking to living people; ghosts are simpler, and
once you learn about a particular ghost, it never surprises you. Living
friends are more complicated, and take a lot more work, and are much
more likely to screw you over. No, ghosts are definitely easier to deal with.

Mike Ng

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