Jaimie Collins

Psychic Bookworm


Jaimie’s Stunts

Capable Researcher (Scholarship): Non-Lore
research 2 time increments faster.

Person of Conviction (Conviction): Use
Conviction instead of Presence to determine
your social stress capacity.

Jaimie’s Powers

Psychometry [–1]
You have a semi-magical (“psychic”) talent for
catching glimpses of the past when you touch

  • Echoes of the Past. You can perform an assessment
    action on the history of a given object
    that you are able to touch and contemplate.
    This is a standard Investigation roll, but
    instead of searching a physical location,
    you are rifling through the situations that
    the object has been exposed to in the past,
    looking for glimpses of something significant.
    Psychometry assessments are more difficult
    than normal (Good or higher), so even with
    a high roll, you may only get one aspect or
    fact, and you may not receive any additional
    context to help you make sense of it.
    For example, a knife used as a murder
    weapon might only give you fleeting images
    from the scene, not enough to make a positive
    ID on the killer; but you might see something
    like A Butterfly Necklace that you can
    tag later as a clue on a future roll.

Jaimie long ago got over being teased for always
having her nose in a book. She likes learning
things, and finding things out, and uncovering
secrets. Her ability to pick up the stories
of objects certainly helps her do that, but she’s
careful to make sure no one ever finds out she
can do that. Being strange is one thing; being a
freak is something else.

Jaimie Collins

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