Danni Lussier

Gorgeous Rich Girl


Dani’s Stunts

Lush Lifestyle (Resources): You may assume
you have any item costing equal to or less than
your Resources.

Sex Appeal (Rapport): +2 to seduction of
receptive targets.

The Social Graces (Empathy): +2 to Empathy
for initiative.

The Weight of Reputation (Presence): Use
Presence instead of Intimidation to scare anyone
knowing your “rep.”

Dani is a Pure Mortal
Since she has no weird powers, Dani gets an
extra 2 fate points. Spend ’em while you
got ’em!


Dani is gorgeous and her parents are rich. The
combination of her family’s money and her
blossoming beauty mean she gets pretty much
anything she asks for, and that’s the way she
likes it.

Danni Lussier

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