Chris Stein

Trickster Changeling


Chris’ Stunts

Pointed Performance (Performance): May
target specific person or group when performing
for an audience.

Chris’ Powers

Glamours [–2]

  • Minor Veils. With a moment of concentration,
    you may draw a veil over something
    (not particularly large—maybe the size of a
    small, tight group of people), hiding it from
    sight and other means of detection. Use your
    Discipline or Deceit to oppose efforts to
    discover the veil. If the veil is discovered, it
    isn’t necessarily pierced—but the discoverer
    can tell that it’s there and that it’s wrong.
  • Seemings. You are able to cause someone or
    something to appear to be other than what
    it is—usually this is personal, but it may
    be used on other objects and people if they
    belong to you or have entered a pact with
    you. You may use your Discipline or Deceit
    skill to oppose any efforts to discover that the
    seeming is something other than real.

Chris’ Potential Powers

At any point in this story, you can further
embrace your fey nature and take any of these
powers. You must permanently surrender the
refresh cost in Fate Points to do so. If Chris
takes both powers, it signifies that he has
embraced his puckish nature and fully become
a creature of faerie (and hence would become an
NPC at the end of the session); his appearance
will likely change to match his heritage more
fully as he does so.
Chris will have to take The Sight before he
can take Greater Glamours.

The Sight [–1]

  • Arcane Senses. Even with your third eye closed
    you have heightened arcane senses. You may
    use Lore as if it were an arcane Investigation
    skill as well as an arcane Alertness skill. You
    also gain +1 to Lore when using it in this
  • Wizard’s Touch. As another aspect of your
    arcane senses, when you touch another being
    who has some magic potential, the GM may
    ask you to roll Lore to catch just a hint of a
    “spark”—indicating their nature as something
    other than mundanely mortal. Even on
    a failed roll, you might experience some sort
    of sense that something is “off,” without being
    able to pin it down.
  • Opening the Third Eye. You may use the Sight
    to fully open your third eye, with all of the
    risks and rewards that come with it. See
    page YS223 for details on how the Sight

Greater Glamours [–4]

  • Veils. Same as Minor Veils, except: Use your
    Discipline or Deceit at +2 to oppose any
    efforts to discover the veil. You may set aside
    this +2 bonus to draw a veil over
    a whole zone.
  • Seemings. As with the Glamours effect of the
    same name (above). You may use your Discipline
    or Deceit skill at +2 to oppose any efforts
    to discover the seeming.
  • True Seemings. You may create an object—and
    with some difficulty,even ephemeral
    creatures—out of ectoplasm, the stuff of the

It’s not so much that Chris has a sense of humor;
it’s more that the sense of humor has Chris. His
practical jokes are good for a few laughs, but he
doesn’t seem to know when to be serious. It gets
him into a lot of trouble, and has cost him some
good friends. But he just can’t help himself. It’s
in his blood. His fey parent had a wicked sense
of humor.

Chris Stein

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