Andy Drabyk

Jock in the Making


Andy’s Stunts

Fleet of Foot (Athletics): +2 to
Athletics when sprinting.

Leadership (Presence): +1 to Presence
to command a group, coordinating
them 1 time increment faster.

Tireless (Endurance): Endurance
considered Fantastic when it might
affect another skill. (The upshot: if
Endurance would modify another skill,
that skill gets a +1.)

Andy is a Pure Mortal
Since he has no weird powers, Andy
gets an extra 2 fate points. Spend ’em
while you got ’em!


Andy is his parents’ joy, their golden child. He’s
got a real aptitude for sports, and his parents
have mapped out his entire athletic career. It’ll
be a great life, as long as he doesn’t let them

Andy Drabyk

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